Sailor Moon Crochet Pattern with Video Tutorial

I’m finally finished with this tutorial! I filmed this nearly a year ago, but I became so busy since then that I didn’t have time to finish editing it. Now it’s finally done! I’m so happy to have this off my plate!


Medium / Worsted Weight Yarn in the following colors:

  • Medium / worsted weight yarn in the following colors
    • Cream
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Red
    • White
  • Embroidery floss in the following colors
    • Gold (or yellow)
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • White
    • Black
    • Red
  • Crochet hook compatible with your yarn
  • Toy stuffing
  • Tapestry needle, large enough to thread your yarn
  • Sewing needle, large enough to thread your embroidery floss
  • Blush (or other powder pigment), to color the cheeks
  • Pet brush (or other wire bristle brush), for brushing the yarn into hair
  • Flat iron, curling iron, or other temperature controlled heat tool, for smoothing out the hair


  • BLSC: Back loop single crochet
  • CH: Chain
  • DEC: Decrease (I prefer the invisible decrease) –
  • FO: Finish off
  • INC: Increase
  • RNDS: Rounds
  • SC: Single crochet
  • ST: Stitch
  • SLST: Slip stitch

Special Term: Chain Stitch

This pattern uses a chain stitch in several places!

  1. Place your needle into the same stitch you’re currently in and over into the next stitch (A)
  2. Pull your yarn through leaving a small loop (B)
  3. Place your needle back through the loop (C)
  4. Pull forward to tighten the loop (D)
  5. Begin the next chain by placing your needle through the loop of the previous stitch and over to the next stitch. Repeat the process in steps 2-4 to create a row of chain stitches. (E)
Chain stitch procedure

Head & Body

Cream and White Yarn

Starting with cream yarn

1. Magic Ring with 6 SC (6)
2. INC x 6 (12)
3. (SC 1, INC) x 6 (18)
4. (SC 2, INC) x 6 (24)
5. (SC 3, INC) x 6 (30)
6-8. (SC 30) x 3 RNDS (30)
7. (SC 4, INC) x 6 (36)
8-12. (SC 36) x 5 RNDS (36)
13. (SC 4, DEC) x 6 (30)
14. (SC 3, DEC) x 6 (24)
15. (SC 2, DEC) x 6 (18)
16. (SC 1, DEC) x 6 (12)
17. SC 12 (12)
Change to white yarn
18. (SC 1, INC) x 6 (18)
19. (SC 2, INC) x 6 (24)
20. (SC 3, INC) x 6 (30)
21-30. (SC 30) x 10 RNDS (30)
31. (SC 3, DEC) x 6 (24)
32. (SC 2, DEC) x 6 (18)
33. (SC 1, DEC) x 6 (12)
34. Cut your yarn and pull the yarn tail all the way through. Thread your tapestry needle with the yarn tail. Sew the bottom closed using a whip stitch and sewing only through the front loop of every remaining stitch. Pull tight to close. Weave the remaining yarn into the body so it doesn’t come loose.

Embroider the Face Details

Sailor Moon Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black Embroidery Floss


Sailor Moon Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

  1. Using a washable marker, draw two large ovals on the face where you want the eyes. (A)
  2. Inside each oval, draw a smaller oval off-center, towards the upper right side, or upper left side (depending on each eye) to create the pupil. (B)
  1. Thread your sewing needle with white embroidery floss and fill in the smaller ovals in the center with chain stitches. Start on the outside and work in concentric circles towards the center. Repeat for both eyes. (C)
  2. Thread your tapestry needle with blue yarn and fill in the outer oval with chain stitches, working in concentric circles until the entire area is covered. Repeat for both eyes. (C)
  3. Using more white embroidery floss, create a small highlight on the outside of each pupil, over the blue portion using a whip stitch. Then line the outer half of the eye with a row of white chain stitches to form the whites of the eyes. (C)
  4. OPTIONAL: Using black embroidery floss, outline the top outer portion of the eyes using a back stitch (C). If desired, use the same technique to create eyebrows (C).


  1. Using black embroidery floss, sew on the mouth using a back stitch. Starting from the corner of the mouth, go down one row and over one stitch toward the center, then up one row over one stitch to create a “V” shaped mouth (D)


  1. Using red embroidery floss, create the jewel in the center of the tiara using a chain stitch, about 3 chain stitches in a circle. (E)
  2. With yellow embroidery floss, create the band on either side of the jewel using a chain stitch. The band should move up the forehead and extend out in a “V” shape. (E)


(make 2)
Red, cream, and white yarn

Starting with red yarn
1. Magic Ring with 7 SC (7)
2. INC x 7 (14)
3. BLSC 14 (14)
4. SC 14 (14)
5. SC 5, DEC x 2, SC 5 (12)
6. SC 4, DEC x 2, SC 4 (10)
7-14. (SC 10) x 8 RNDS (10)
Change to cream yarn
15-26. (SC 10) x 12 RNDS (10)
27. Embroider a boarder around the top of the boot in white yarn using a chain stitch.
28. Using yellow embroidery floss, sew the crescent on the front of the border using a whip stitch in a “V” pattern. (F)
29. Sew the legs to the body using cream yarn and a whip stitch.


(make 2)
White, cream, and red yarn

Starting with white yarn
1. Magic Ring with 6 SC (6)
2. (SC 1, INC) x 3 (9)
3-4. (SC 9) x 2 RNDS (9)
5. SC 7, DEC (8)
6-13. (SC 8) x 5 RNDS (8)
Change to cream yarn
14-20. (SC 8) x 7 RNDS (8)
21. Using red yarn, embroider the cuffs of the gloves using three rows of chain stitches (G)
22. Using white yarn, embroider the sleeves using three rows of chain stitches. (H)
23. Sew the arms to the body using white yarn and a whip stitch.


Blue yarn
1. CH 24, SLST to join the first and last chain together
2. SC 24 (24)
3. (SC 1, INC) x 12 (36)
4. SC 36 (36)
5. (SC 2, INC) x 12 (48)
6. SC 48 (48)
7. (SC 3, INC) x 12 (60)
8. SC 60 (60)
9. Sew the skirt to the body using blue yarn and a whip stitch.
10. Create the white boarder on the skirt using chain stitches and white yarn.


Blue yarn

1. CH 11, turn
2. (SC 10, CH 1, turn) x 2 RNDS
3. SC 10, CH 6, turn
4. SC 15, CH 6, turn
5. SC 5
OPTIONAL: Create white stripes on the collar using embroidery floss and a chain stitch, I opted not to do this step. 6. Sew the collar to the body using blue yarn and a whip stitch. Only sew the part of the color that goes around the neck. Leave the rest of the collar loose and unsewn.


(make 2)
Red yarn

1. CH 6, turn
2. SC 5, CH 1, turn
3. DEC, SC 1, DEC, CH 1, turn
4. DEC, SC 1, CH 1, turn
5. INC, SC 1, CH 1, turn
6. INC, SC 1, INC, turn
7. SC 5
8. For the front bow: using pink embroidery floss, embroider a small circle in the center of the bow. Use yellow embroidery floss to sew the crescent mark in the center of the pink circle using a chain stitch. (I)
9. For the back bow: Wrap the center of the bow with red yarn and secure it tightly on the side that will be sewn to the body. (J)
10. Sew the bows to the body using a whip stitch. Only sew in the center, leave the sides of the bow loose.


(make 2)
Yellow yarn

1. Magic Ring with 5 SC (5)
2. INC x 5 (10)
3. (SC 1, INC) x 5 (15)
4. (SC 2, INC) x 5 (20)
5-6. (SC 20) x 2 RNDS (20)
7. (SC 2, DEC) x 5 (15)
8. (SC 1, DEC) x 5 (10)


(make 2)
Red yarn

1. Magic Ring with 6 SC (6)
2. INC x 6 (12)
3. Sew the barrettes to the buns, then outlines the barrettes in white yarn using chain stitches to create the border. (K)
4. Sew the buns to the head using a whip stitch and yellow yarn. (L)


Yellow yarn


  1. Using a light yellow washable marker, mark the hair line around the head so you know where to sew. Also mark down the center of the head from the start of the hairline in the front to the end of the hair line in the back to mark the center part.
  2. Thread your tapestry needle with a long double strand of yellow yarn. Weave the yarn into the body to secure it, then use a long whip stitch between the center part line and the buns, or the outer hair line and the buns. Your goal is the give the appearance of hair that is tied into buns. (M)


  1. Cute several pieces of yellow yarn about 10 cm long.
  2. Using a latching technique, latch the yarn pieces along the front hair line. Latch several rows. (N)
  3. Brush out the yarn using a pet brush, or other wire bristle brush, then iron out the hair using a curling iron, or flat iron, on low heat. (N


  1. Thread your tapestry needle with yellow yarn,
  2. Weave the needle into the base of the buns on the
    outer side where the pigtail will come out.
  3. Bring the yarn down to the bottom of the body. Hold
    the yarn to the bottom of the body while you bring the needle back up to the bun to create a loop as long as the body. (O)
  4. Weave the needle back into the bun and back down to the bottom of the body to create another loop. Create about 5-10 loops depending on how thick you want the pigtails.
  5. Cut the ends of the loops to create long strands, then brush out the yarn using a pet brush, or other wire bristle brush.
  6. Iron out the hair using a curling iron, or flat iron on low heat. (P)


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